Interview article published on Shinchosha Foresight

Interview article about “Exodus” was published on Shinchosha Foresight on Oct 17th.

Nonfiction book “Exodus” published from Shinchosha

Nonfiction novel “Exodus” about global migrants who enters to US published from Shinchosha on Oct 15th.

Talk event on US presidential election

Webiner talk event will be held at 8pm on Oct 23rd, 2020 about US presidential election with Mr.Tuneo Watanabe, senior research fellow of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, an independent policy…

Column on Bungeishunju magazine

A column about global human flow transformed by COVID-19 was published on monthly magazine Bungei Shunju July edition.

Interview published on Shinbunkyokaiho

Interview article with me was published on Shinbunkyokaiho dated on 7th April 2020, a biweekly newspaper issued by the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association.

Aricle posted on Asahi GLOBE

Upon announcement of Vaughn-Uyeda Memorial International Journalistic Prize for 2019, I wrote an article about my coverage of migrant flow in Americas on Asahi Shimbun GLOBE March edition.

Received Vaughn-Uyeda Memorial International Journalistic Prize

Japan Press Research Institute announced that Vaughn-Uyeda Memorial International Journalistic Prize for 2019, an annual award for Japanese journalists who have made “exceptional contributions to the promotion of international understanding…


Talk event in Nagano

I participated in the talk event about global migration held in Matsukawa town in Nagano prefecture on Jan 25th.


Lecture at Sofia Univ

I made a lecture at Journalism class in Sofia University (Tokyo) on Nov 19th regarding news reporting methodology about global economy, by taking US China trade war as example. In…