‘Belarus route#1 Below zero forest’ on Youtube

Belarus Route#1 [English subtitle available] 4 months old baby in below zero, primeval forest

*Please turn on English subtitle

Tensions on the border between Poland and Belarus are extremely rising. Hundreds of migrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa to Belarus attempt to cross border every day, and Poland expands military presence to deter them. Migrants are pushed back by both Polish and Belarusian authorities and trapped in the “last European primeval forest” on the border. Many have already been wandering in the forests for several weeks, including families with four-month-old baby. There is no food or drink, and cold with the below zero temperature. Everyday lots of GPS information requesting for rescue are sent from migrants’ smartphones, but only local residents can go and help because the area is designated as no-go zones for outsiders including aid organizations. Isolated locals increasingly face the pressure and burden to keep saving lives without any help from outside world.

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