‘Belarus route#2 Lifesaving unsupported’ on Youtube

Belarus route#2 [English Subtitle] Lifesaving unsupported / SOS with GPS from below zero forest

Thousands of migrants and refugees have been trapped and lost their ways in the below zero forest along the border between Poland and Belarus. Without food and water under freezing temperature, migrants including families with small children send out SOS messages with their location by GPS pin via their smartphones every day. However, since Polish government has banned entry within the border of 3 kilometers, the Polish as well as international medical and aid professionals, including Red Cross, are not allowed to enter.

It is the only local residents who can go to save lives in the forest.

As the violently cold winter approaches, Polish Red Cross expressed concerns for humanitarian crisis, and local volunteer groups pleaded access to the border at a rare press conference in front of an off-limits forest.
The outcry of ‘ordinary’ local single mother who suddenly took charge of emergency lifesaving mission have to be answered.

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