Born in Tokyo in 1971. Graduated from Rikkyo University, BA, department of Law and politics.


Joined Mitsubishi Corporation and became in charge of environmental Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects, and consultant service for SMEs for overseas factory construction.


Joined the Asahi Shimbun and worked as a reporter in Sapporo and Utsunomiya bureau. Moved to Economic department in Tokyo headquarter and covered stock market, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).


Assigned to work in Washington DC, USA as a diplomatic correspondent in American General Bureau, and covered State department and Defense department to report the Obama administration’s foreign and security policy on Asia, such as US-China relations, North Korea nuclear problem, South China Sea disputes.


Became first Dubai bureau chief and covered Middle East area, such as the aftermath of the “Arab Spring”, civil war in Syria, security situation in Iraq, Yemen, and oil and gas development in Saudi Arabia and UAE.


Covered the Prime Minister’s Office and METI in the Economic department in Tokyo headquarter.


Moved to Sunday edition named “GLOBE” and covered migrants issues across the US-Mexico border for two years. Published three special featured articles about migrants by visiting seven countries for three months, travelling 15,000 kilometers by land, interviewing about 300 people from 18 countries;
The Walls” (Oct 2017)
The train named the Beast ” (Mar 2018)
Exodus” (May 2019)

The documentary TV program “the Train named the Beast“, co-produced with the internet based Abema TV news channel, was awarded a prize for encouragement in the Documentary Category of the ATP Grand Prix in 2018 by the All Japan TV Program Production Alliance (ATP).

The two nights series of documentary TV news “Truth of Caravan” were broadcast on May 2019 for first night “Caravan” and second night “Darien Gap” and its studio talks.

In addition,
Silk Road with cheers and vigilance” shaken by China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” (Feb 2019)
New map of the Middle East” exploring “Shia cresent” (Sep 2018)
Outbreak” of the Ebola fever crisis in West Africa(Jul 2017)
Electricity beyond borders” focusing power grids for renewable energy (Mar 2017)
Pilgrimage enlightened by sunflowers“, walk 520km to Santiago de Compostela (Oct 2016)


Became deputy editor in Economic department, in charge of the international economics such as US-China trade war, WTO, OPEC, etc.


Received Vaughn-Uyeda Memorial International Journalistic Prize for 2019.
Retire the Asahi Shimbun by the end of March. Become freelance journalist.
Published nonfiction book “Exodus Madness and prayers along US border“.
Covered US presidential election for two months by driving more than 10 thousand kilometers.


“Exodus” awarded for 43rd Yasuharu Honda Nonfiction Award

Move base to the Hague, the Netherlands

Being a backpacker from 19 years old till now with a preference for overland routes and borders. Traveled 88 countries and areas.

Hobbies are jogging, hot spring bath, and digital gadgets.