Coverages about US Presidential election

Coverages about US Presidential election for two months by driving around over six thousand miles.

Nov 8 Appearance on BS Asahi Sunday scoop from Philadelphia
Nov 6 Appearance on TBS Radio Chiki Okigami Session from Philadelphia
Nov 4 Appearance on Abema TV Prime on two nights from Miami
Nov 3 Apprearance on TV Asahi Hodo Station from Miami
Nov 3 Appearance on Abema TV Prime on two nights from Miami
Nov 2 Appearance on BS TBS Hodo 1930 from Miami
Ocr 25 Appearance on BS Asahi Sunday Scoop from Atlanta


Apr 11,2021 Article about “migration crisis” on Biden administration posted on Shinchosha Foresight
Jan 9, 2021 Article “Divided Nation America” issued on Monthly Bungeishunju
Dec 26 Article about migrant camp along US Mexico border on Toyo Keizai Online
Dec 20 TV Asahi interview article sequel on US presidential election
Dec 19 TV Asahi interview article prequel on US presidential election
Nov 19 Article about the future of Trump supporters published on Toyo Keizai Online
Nov 7 Article about reasons why Trump won in Florida published on Toyo Keizai online

Nov 27 Online lecture at Obirin Univ
Nov 26 Online seminar on GLOBE LIVE
Oct 29 Online seminar held by Academy Hills
Oct 23 Online seminar held by Shinchosha

Dec 15 9 footages about US presidential election on Youtube

Nonfiction book “Exodus” published from Shinchosha

Nonfiction book “Exodus” about global migrants making perilous journey to US published from Shinchosha on Oct 15th.
Jan 22 Book review posted on Weekly Bunshun
Dec 12 Interview article issued on Toyo Keizai Weekly
Nov 13 Book review posted on
Nov 10 Book “Exodus” was introduced on Japanese press association magazine
Oct 27 Reviewed by Journalist Akira Ikegami
Oct 17 Interview article published on Shinchosha Foresight

Asahi Shimbun Globe vol.227 (March 1)
【 VAUGHN-UYEDA PRIZE】Why migrants go beyond walls


Asahi Shimbun GLOBE Vol.217(May 5)
“Exodus ~Migrant caravan”

Embedding the migrant caravan departed from Central America bound for USA, and pursuing its headstream toward the deadly tropical jungle called ‘Darien Gap’ in Panama – Columbia border.

TV Asahi Hodo station “Truth of caravan”
first night “Caravan” (May 14)
second night “Darien gap”(May 15)
its studio talk

TV Asahi “Hodo Station”

GLOBE Vol.214 (Feb 3)
“Silkroad with cheers and vigilance”

Ancient Silkroad where camel caravans traveled in the deserts has been revived by the use of “Steel camel” railways. Chasing ten thousands kilometers China Europe express trains for two weeks.

Documentary co-produced with internet AbemaTV’s news channel(Feb 9)
“Silkroad with cheers and vigilance”

Abema x GLOBE


GLOBE Vol.209(Sep 2)
“New map of the middle east”

Exploring “new map” of the Middle East featuring growing Iranian presence, sometimes called “Shia crescent”, which emerges after the “Arab spring”, internal war in Syria, crisis by the Islamic State.

Abema tv “Keyaki hills saturday”(Sep 8)
“New map of the middle east”

Abema x GLOBE

BS11 “Mirai senken juku”(Sep 7)
“New map of the middle east”

GLOBE vol.203 (Mar 4)
“The train named ‘the beast'”

There are surprising number of small kids among migrants and refugees bound for USA, who escaped from Central American countries such as El Salvador. What made them to leave their home and take life-threatening journey?

Documentary program “the Train named the Beast”, co-produced with the internet based Abema TV news channel(Mar 4)

Abema x GLOBE

“Abema prime”, news program by abema tv featured news about migrants(Mar 21)



GLOBE vol.198 (Oct 1)
“The walls”

Traveling 3200km from west to east along US Mexico border, there were long line of border walls which extended up to 1130km. Why does President Trump claim to have more?

Documentary Program “The walls”, co-produced with internet based Abema TV news channel(Oct 7)

Abema x GLOBE

GLOBE vol.195(Jul 2)

Starting from the “Ground Zero” village in remote Guinea in West Africa, Japanese reporter followed the path of Ebola virus outbreak which killed more than ten thousand people.

BS Asahi “ima sekai wa”(Jul 2)


GLOBE vol.191 (Mar 5)
“Electricity beyond borders”

Power grids empowered by the reviving DC technology connect renewable energies and markets beyond borders, and reshaping global power networks.

BS Asahi “Ima sekai wa” (Mar 5)
“Electricity beyond borders”



GLOBE vol.186 (Oct 2)
“Pilgrimage enlightened by sunflowers”

Why modern pilgrimages walk hundreds of kilometers? A Japanese reporter who walks Japan’s Shikoku pilgrimage joined the camino towards Santiago de Compostela, Spain by walking for 520km.

BS Asahi “Ima sekai wa” (Oct 23)
“Pilgrimage enlightened by sunflowers”