‘Belarus route#3 Visa for sale’ on Youtube

Belarus route#3 [English Subtitle] Visa for sale USD1300/ Ads in Arabic on SNS / “Safer than sea”

  • Please turn on subtitles for viewing.

The immigration crisis on the Belarus-Polish border, where thousands of people including children trapped, has led to a clash in which Polish authorities discharge water against stones throwing migrants. The European Union (EU) rushes to block migrants “inflow routes” with new sanctions, while seeking to settle the situation in the face of concerns about a humanitarian crisis. How did migrants from all over Middle East and Africa such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Cameroon gathered in Belarus? SNS is full of advertisements that undertake visa acquisition such as “Belarus visa arrangement $ 1,300”. Following the testimony of migrants I met in the forest, explore when and how the “route” was created and how it spread over the world.

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